Create a project in Unreal

In Unreal Engine4

To create anything in Unreal, you need to know how to create a project.

A project is a unit that saves and stores all your assets or objects you have used to create your game.

Assets are anything that can be put into a game like 3D models (Cars, weapons etc), sound effects, music and images.

Open up your Unreal Engine4 software and follow along. Hover on each GREEN number below to learn more about creating a new project.

When you open Unreal Engine, you will see the Unreal Project Browser as shown above. Since you have no projects so far you won’t see any thumbnails yet, what you need to do is to select a category that best matches your project.


To creating your project

This video will give you a quick overview of the steps. Then we’ll recap them afterwards with you. 

Project settings

Once you’ve created your project – let’s take a deeper dive into your Project Settings by clicking on the green number icons below for more information.

Your turn to try

Well done on your progress this far. It’s your turn to create a project in Unreal. Follow the easy steps you’ve just learnt to create your project

Create your own new project, it must be

  • blueprint based that is made for Desktop/Console and
  • it must be maximum quality with starter content.

You can choose any template that you like.

So in this topic you learnt how to create a new project in Unreal. You hopefully created your own one. 

Now it’s time to unpack how the Unreal editor interface works.