The Plot

This is the story our course will be based upon. Let’s look at the prologue (opening to the story) that will give you context of how you will be part of the journey.


Ava & her dad need your help

We all have been in a position where we ‘just needed more time’, maybe that test score would have been higher or that project more creatively sound or etc… But sometimes our days are full of tasks that, because of our human limitations, we can’t perform efficiently, so we “waste time”.

However, we are in times where these tasks can be delegated to computerised systems, leaving you to do more productive work.

Ava and Marco are faced with the same problem of having too much to do. They could just get people to help them, but that’s a “No!” Exposing their family secret to the world would jeopardise their legacy. So, they trusted you to help them, remotely. Create a  Task Manager AI code that will automate their travel process.